Hello and welcome to my home page.

You have managed to find me and you can now find out who I am. I'm not a native english person, so if you find an error in my text, you can have it.

My name is Sven Erik Matzen - if you know me, drop me a mail to Sven.Erik.Matzen@web.de. If you don't know me, you can contact me anyway by that address.

My programming expirience contains hardcore Visual Basic (from 3.0 to 6.0), much of SQL, programming in VB.Net 1.1, 2.0 and VB/C#.Net 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, AJAX, WCF, WIF and Linq, also HTML with JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout and CSS, very little "old" C . My portfolio als contains expirience in Azure, Microsoft CRM, Sharepoint, Pen-Testing, some Cryptography and theory of malware analysis.

Currently my employer is "Universal Investment IT-Services GmbH" - the IT subsidiary of a German investment company called Universal Investment GmbH based in Frankfurt am Main.

For six and a halfe years between 2008 and mid 2014 I was member of a team of consultants for Web/Windows development, Microsoft based SOA and BI at SDX AG. We were developing solutions for top enterprises in banking, retail and logistic. At SDX AGI was resposible for the IT infrastructure and between 5 and 7 senior/principal consultants reporting to me. The projects I've done for SDX AG customers include point of sale web-applications for a German bank (member of architecture team), TFS Lab-Setup with Hyper-V-hosts that performs a full automated build and deployment to virtual test machines and executes automated tests, security reviews, architecture and technology talks for specific customers and internet facing web applications for fund analysis.

The from 1997 to the end of 2007 I was working in a small company. There I was responsable for the software development (a distributed team of 7 great software developers), the server and database setup and maintenance. The servers where all Microsoft centric (most Windows 2003 and some Windows 2000 machines). We did use MS SQL Server 2000 in the productive systems and MS SQL Server 2005 for some development systems. Externally we had > 3500 distinct workstations accessing our application servers - most of them use the applications frequently (> 1000 distinct PCs per day). Also the request rate was about 200.000 per day and the hit rate per hour was between 1.000 and 25.000 web requests. In all projects I was involved as an application architect, team leader and/or programmer. We did usually avoid to use prebuild components and had our own libraries. The projects did contain a web services, programmatical "Adobe Flash file" generation, router configuration tools using telnet protocol, a home grown content management system based on xml and xsl, data conversion and automatic data queries using http, web scanning using bot's (>60 retail shops have been scanned daily for product and price information - which in some cases involved some anonymization techniques, because of shop owners that wanted to prevent us from getting the information).

My personal background contains a diploma in biology, some work in biochemistry, development of windows system tools as an independent programmer, hardware and network installation.

My current private focus is on IT security - containing physical, infrastructure and application security.

You can also find me on XING and LinkedIn.